Experience Treatments

Experience treatments are ready, deeply relaxing whole treatments just for you. We have come to gether great elements of Koli nature and brought those to our experience treatments. Feel the beauty of Koli on your skin!


Feel the heat of Koli rock on your skin

Holiday Spa Treatment | 90min

A true pampering treatment for couples! Treatment begins with a relaxing hot stone massage of back and shoulder muscles. After that the treatment culminates with an aromatic facial with a massage


Hot Stone Treatment | 60min

Hot stone massage is a treatment that removes muscle tension, stimulates blood circulation and relaxes body and mind.



Sense the pureness of Koli forest around you

Relax Spa Treatment | 75min

Relaxing bodytreatment. Treatment begins with pampering heat wraps of the feet, after which the body is tuned to a relaxed feeling with classic full-body massage. The treatment experience is finished with a massage of the head.<br>


Edea Signature | 120min

Luxurious, special facial treatment, that promotes to the well-being of your facial skin, combined with detoxing, firming body wrap, that guarantee a deeply relaxing treatment experience.



Relax by the waves of Pielinen

Getaway Spa Treatment | 75min 

Escape from everyday life! Treatment begins with a relaxing foot bath. After that the skin of the back is peeled with sea salt allowing nourishing oils pamper your skin and mind. The treatment is crowned with a deeply moisturizing facial, that removes the least of everyday worries from your mind.


Serenity Spa Treatment | 100min

Aromatic facial treatment together with marine peeling treatment of the whole body. This treatment caresses your body and mind giving you good feeling as a whole. 


No Pressure Treatment | 50min

Deeply relaxing massage treatment for neck, head and face. Say goodbye to stress!


P.s I Love You...

When you want to give something special for your love and say P.s. I love You.  

For Her | 60min

When you want to give something special and beautiful for her... 

Treatment includes rosebath and pampering mask for feet and special facial. At the end of the treatment there is a suprise for her. 


For Him | 60min

When you want to give something relaxing for him... Treatment includes relaxing scrub cleansing and massage for the back and basilar muscle handling. At the end of the treatment there is a suprise for him.