Skincare Product lines

In our spa salon we use only high quality skincare product lines.


Biodroga is developed and manufactured exclusively in Baden-Baden, Germany - The wellspring of beauty.  Biodroga is a premium cosmetics brand that combines the most noble ingredients with high-tech components.  Highly effective plant-based and bio-engineered ingredients form the primary basis of Biodroga products. With this cutting edge combination Biodroga holds an unmatched position in the skincare market. Biodroga provides innovative solutions that are perfectly attuned to the skin's specific needs. employs top European experts in the fields of biochemistry, dermatology and bio-engineering. They ensure that only ingredients of the highest quality are processed. Naturally, as with all other Biodroga products, our biological beauty systems are manufactured in strict observance of GMP (good manufacturing practices) and our facilities have ISO 9000 certifications.


The ongoing in-house research and development by BIODROGA MD searches for and investigates the latest active substances and technologies. The BIODROGA MD team constantly has an eye on the latest results emerging from dermatology, medicine and cosmetology and uses this information to develop the brands innovative skincare formulations. BIODROGAMD specializes in solution-oriented concepts for every type of skin problem in order to develop products, treatments and machines to deliver optimal skincare for every skin condition.

No Parabens / No silicones / No Mineral oils / No emulsifiers / No PEG / Cruelty Free